My Birthday

I was not planning on doing anything much for my birthday.

Been too busy taking care of kids to even think about it.

Then my lovely husbands said on my birthday nite, (last nite) he would make a nice steak dinner from the freezer full of "grass fed" beef we just ordered.  Eating late after the kids went down.

That sounded perfect to me.

Then my sister texted me saying she and my other sisters were gonna take me out to eat, at a  new Wine Bar on Corning's Market street.

We never get a change to go out, us sisters.

There are 17 Little People between us 4 fertile sisters.

I was torn, its never pleasant being put between sisters and husband ya know?

But ended up telephoning hubby asking if we could re-schedule our European-style dinner for two? He was a little put out, but was a great sport.

I knew we could easily re-schedule, but us sisters would NOT.  It just would not happen.  Too many schedules and kids.

My one sister could not make it, (sick kid of course).

It was sooo therapeutic to sit and talk, drink a couple glasses of yummy wine,choosing  some high-falutin types I normally would never order, and spilting a big ole cheese, cracker, fruit platter, and some chocolate dessert.

When you are a stay at home-er with a litter of little people adult conversation is hard to come by.

My husband is my best friend and we talk about everything…I realize how blessed I am to have a husband who wants to converse with me, and values my opinion and input.

However, they're is just something about chattinging away with other women…don't ya think?

And there is really something special about getting together with sisters.

We don't get together that ofter, even though we all live close.

It was just what the doctor ordered for this tired and cranky mom.

Thanks Rachel!

She is the oldest, and of course the major organizer.

I am taking a beading class on Thursday night at my sister-in-laws new bead shop, again on market street. I am gonna get there a few hours earlier to have a crash course in embroidery given by my very talented mother-in-law.  I have wanting to learn these two crafts for some time.

Such a blessing to be surrounded my a family of women nearby who care.

It makes me doubly glad I have four daughters, all close in age, I pray that they will always be close and have eachother for a support system.

Hope your month is turning around.

God is always teaching me that everything only last for a Season.





One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Oh please post pictures of your embroidery and beading! I thought about you on Thursday. The girls and I have all had really horrible colds for the last 6 days so I have not done much creatively all week. Loved your post about your sisters – I have one twin sister, we talk everyday and live only about twenty minutes apart but I know what you mean about finding the time. We have started meeting once a month for breakfast on a Saturday morning at like 7:30a.m.! It’s good for the soul. Have a great Valentine’s Day and lets see some of your embroidery:)


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