Washing the Dishes


When we on simple rations sup

How easy is the washing up!

But heavy feeding complicates

The task by soiling many plates.

And though I grant that I have prayed

That we might find a serving-maid,

I'd scullion all my days, I think,

To see her smile across the sink!

I wash, she wipes.  In water hot

I souse each dish and pan and pot;

While Taffy mutters, purrs, and begs,

And rubs himself against my legs.

The man who never in his life

Has washed the dishes with his wife

Or polishes up the silver plate-

He still is largely celibate.

One warning: there is certain ware

That must be handled with all care:

The Lord Himself will give you up

If you should drop a willow cup!

            Christopher Morley


I like this simple little poem about dishes written by a man who has born in 1890!

I think we sometimes think before the feminine movement of the  last generation that all men, especially married men, were hopelessly chauvinistic, rigidly  adhereing to the unbending roles of male/female; husband/wife.

While my own husbands role in "helping around the house", and how my own father functioned in the home I grew up in, greatley differ, I think mainly from the generation gap, this poem shows that true love wants to see our mate happy.I will willingly serve them.

I especailly love the "celibate" line.

I wikapedia-ed Christopher Morley.

The following is a letter found a few days before the poet's death to his friends.

I thought I would include it, its really good:

        " Read everyday, something no one else is reading.Think everyday , something no one else  is thinking.  Do everyday, something no one else would be silly enough to do.  It is bad for the mind to be continually part of unanimity".





4 thoughts on “Washing the Dishes

  1. I think you’re out tonight with sisters, celebrating your birthday. I hope it’s a fun time, and can be a highlight in your February. The good news is that February is a short month. Maybe God did that on purpose (of COURSE He did!) since he knew that was all we could take. My dentist actually was talking of this very thing this week. He says patients complain, complain about February. He tells them to just hang on — in a few weeks nature will take care of it for us. Always remember that you’re loved, no matter which month it is! And love that quote in this entry. Good one.


  2. What a great post~ and I love the quote at the end! Will have to share this one (with credit of course)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your words of encouragement. Especially timely and Spirit filled was the last sentence about trusting God and doing the next thing. This is almost verbatim the message that He keeps bringing to me!


  3. Oh your post made my day! As I sit here, with a cold that is giving me the chills, with the temperature outside a frigid 18 degrees and dropping (I am sooo over winter – give me a sunny 70 degree day please!), you have made me smile and warmed my heart:)


  4. So glad to here that my ramblings and tendency to over-analyze and have an opinion about everything made someone smile, (whom I have never met), hundreds of miles away!
    The power of the written word,
    The world-wide-web
    And the Spirit of Truth that binds us all together.


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