I shouldn’t be up right now…

Its 2:08am.

Why am I awake?

My feet are numb even though I am sitting with in a few feet of cozy wood-burning stove (I have the circulation of a 90-year-old woman, and parts of me go numb when I am sitting still).

I fell asleep while my 7-year-old read a Ivy and Bean chapter book to me.

Her big sister is sick (again) and so has to sleep by herself in her own bedroom, which she hates.

So, I let her read to me in her bed all snuggy cozy knowing she would nod off soon(before you think I am just too  wonderful, let me confess that this was a sagely calculated move on  my part, otherwise she would have whined and whined and got in our bed (she kicks in her sleep).

Anyway I nodded off too.

Stumbled downstairs, tidied my sewing studio and watched the original Brit version of The Office on netflicks with hubby, and then I  hoped on blogland train.

Nearly 2 1/2 hours  latter and here I am.

Must of been some power nap upstairs.

I have been keeping unusual hours.

For instance just this Tuesday I was up til 4AM on shutterfly…its a long story…lets just say there was a coupon involved that I could not reedeem, 300 4x6s ordered covering 2 years of photos and one awesome Photobook titled "There is just something about Fall".

I spent too much money (never got my free photobook coupon just bought it)

Up way too late, and said way too many bad words at the computer and the shutterfly organization as a whole.

But I know I will be so dancing all the way back from my mailbox when my order comes in.

My 3 older sisters and I do a "Sister project" once a month, where we rotate going to each others houses and tackle those annoying projects you just can't muster up the enthusiasm to make time for, and do it all together.

Mine is this month and we are cleaning out my kitchen (exciting stuff) and the organizing all of said ordered pictures.

I have been in such an inspirational and creating mood.

I feel like a creative fairy is sprinkling crafty dust on me while I sleep.

A much more plausible and less insane- sounding-reason would probably be that I did a very simple thing:

I moved my sewing machine into a different room.

My favorite room that is filled of my favorite things, and without electronics.

And since we got new windows is now warm in the winter.

It has really allowed me to do what all those crafty book and articles are always touting:

Do Something Creative Everyday.

I have to go through my pics and go through the annoying task of uploading them so I can share.

Does this take anyone else like 9 hours to do?

My little creations have been different stuff too.

To name a few:

I converted an old curtain valance I made for our master bedroom years ago, covered it in this old gauzy, stretching white knit fabric and made a table runner out half of it. The other half I cut into 2 over-sized squares that will serve a place mats.  I am thinking about stitching on the phrase "Table for Two" and use them only when me and hubby eat one of our late night dinners together.

I finished up my daughters curtain valance, making my own scalloped template using that cardboard thing that you yank off a new box of tissues as my pattern. I re-purposed a flouncy scarf I impulsed bought at TJMaxx that looked ridiculous on me (ever seen the puffy shirt episode on SEINFIELD… "but i don't wanna be a pirate!) I coffee- stained it and used to make a gorgeous edge for the scallops on her valance.

I bought a jar of gesso, 5 tubes of acrylic paint and a bunch of paintbrushes and did my first painted mixed-media tiny project.

And yesterday I found a $5 sweater dress at again TJMaxx and bought it without trying it on, cuz it was 5 bucks!  I looked pretty foxy in it, but it was a straight, straight cut…and I am so the opposite of straight (big boobs, wider waist, hips that bore 4 children).  It was just so… all out there…ya know. I needed a comfort SOMETHING  to hide behind…an accessory for the eye to rest of instead of my bust line and hips pinched into some fat- sucking- lycra -tights.   So, I went to my stash of clothes that I keep to re-purpose and my eyes landed on a thin gauzy shirt with a romantic and pretty pattern, but that was too short on me.  I cut off the runched flowing bottom, and slipped it right over my dress , putting it to rest on my waist, and spun around like a little girl playing dress up. A few stitches and some beads and an old broken brooch added and it was ready to go.

Man, now I wish I had those pics…but is now nearly 3am.


I must also share once again that the blogging world has been such a huge, huge inspiration for me to keep creating.  Posting keeps you accountable and other blogs keep you inspired. Period.

Where I Go To Get Inspired:




hulahseventy@typepad (possibly blogspot)



and a brand new one (for me) I just fell in love with:



Though honestly I have been having a difficult time keeping it all balanced.

I am off-balanced by genetic predisposition anyway.

That is why I have not posted in awhile.  I returned the sequel to a really good book, unread to the library and the kids have had mac n cheese the last 3 nights.

If I told you it was made with whole grain and I added pureed califlower, would that de-classify me as "lazy mom"?

Ok past 3am now.

Thank the Lord its Saturday.

All this creativity has my mind whirling with ideas of course, so the inevitable lists has been flittering on my coffee table and pinned on various surfaces in my home.

Along with pics will come lists. Tomorrow.

If anyone is still reading this rambling and kinda self-indulgent post

Cheers and Good-night,





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