My Artsy Girl


Its one of those rewarding moments that Mother's get to enjoy, briefly, but feel deeply.  It validates, encourages, and lightens the tired load we carry:

My oldest daughter is shaping into the woman I know she will become, and that woman is someone I can be proud of.  Forgive me for being egotistically, but she is in many ways reminding me of myself.

That carries a bitter-sweet reflection:

My faults and short-comings are many.

With God's grace I am striving to "press towards the mark", and know she will too.

But here in pictures are some the creative endeavours she has been doing, with some of my help, with some of my supplies, and with an artistic eye that is all her own.

Here are the supplies we used to do coffee-stained plant poundings.  An interesting combination of supplies and techniques.


She got the inspiration for plant poundings from this book, that she received from her school librarian as a reward gift for being the only student to remember her book each week!

Its a great book: Nature Crafts by Joy Williams.

Lots of cool and pretty crafts upper elementary aged children can do, using items from nature.

She did the plant poundings herself, and I did coffee-staining on muslin but we were not sure how the plants would show up on a stained fabric so we used regular muslin, and I used it for some home-made curtains.(blog pics forth-coming)  She used this project for a 4-H presentation coming up.  And I will be teaching the technique to nine 4-H member girls come March.

She just got some glasses, and hated the "plain and ugly" case they came with.  I found a plain un-finished, wooden case at Michaels for $1, and told her to gather her own supplies from her "art studio" in her bedroom and then "GO NUTS" in my own sewing studio! 

DSC03402      DSC03405 DSC03407 DSC03408(click to enlarge)






These next pics are a super-quick altered-art project I did for her.  She wrote a praise song one morning, and with Daddy's help they pounded it out on the acoustic guitar and put it to music.  I changed the word "N O T E S"  on this little lined journal to "S O N G S",  and encouraged her to jot down any lines that came to her in this book.

Just a little quick creative gift, that I enjoyed whipping up, and lets her know Mama is proud.

I added the tags     DSC03356

on top and stuck

them on with mod-podge



I mentioned on my last post

how much I loved the book

The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole.

One of the main purposes

of her book was to stress

the importance of how having

a creative home was benificial to the those in

the home, especially your


I would like to think that my striving to have a nurturing and creative home, where emphasis is put on enoying the process of making things that last, not on buying things that not only quickly gets destroyed (at least in our house) but give only a quick fix of enjoyment, is shaping what kind of women and adults they will become.

I wish more women would try to do more hands-on creativity with their children.  I think we fall into the mind-set that "I am not crafty" or "I can't draw or paint, therefore I have no artistic talent".  Cooking together is an art.  My daughter penning that little song and putting it to music is a wonderful and meaningful creative outlet.  Gardening, scrapbooking, collecting items from a nature walk and putting them into a clear jar, or pressing them into a book is an easy way to incorporte simple creativity. It elevates and brings beauty into the humdrum and stress of this life.

"we are all compelled to somehow CREATE; for we all are made in the image of the great CREATOR"

                                            ~Jerushia Cartwright



2 thoughts on “My Artsy Girl

  1. Awesome post! Your daughter’s creativity is inspiring. I love how her daddy was able to put her song to music, that’s wonderful. Keep the creativity coming:) It not only encourages them to use their imagination, it gives them great self esteem. Have a Blessed week!
    PS: I’m going to create a collage of Haily – thanks for the uplift. Not sure exactly what it will be yet, but I will definately post pics when it’s completed.


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