Tread in solitude your pathway,

Quiet heart and undismayed.

You will know things strange, mysterious,

Which to you, no voice has said.


While the crowd of petty hustlers

Grasps at vain and meager things,

You will see a great world rising

Where soft sacred music rings.


Leave the dusty road to others,

Spotless keep your soul and bright,

As the radiant ocean's surface

When the sun is taking flight

                From the Gernam of V. Schoffel


I read this poem this morning, and loved it for its resonating truth.

The practice of solitude, stillness, and silent listening seems to be some elusive, un-worldly, deeply spiritual exercise, reserved for zen yoga masters, monks, nuns, and recluses.

My own experience in practicing the discipline of solitude has shown that any can, and everyone should, as Emmerson wrote:

                                "Be silent that we may hear the whisper of God".


"The man who does not pray, is only half a man"Father Baxter.

Silence and solitude restores me, improves my internal vision, confirms the validity of those gentle pullings and urges that wander into our minds as we are busy doing and performing in the midst of our over-loaded days.

Oswald Chambers in his colossal devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, repeated writes of mans struggles of the reality that we must live "in the demon-possessed  valleys", but must pursue "the heavenly mountaintops".

This metaphor, more than anything I have ever read, most adequately describes my day-to-day struggle.  We all have demons to contend with.  They take different forms and deplete us of all human resources in varied ways as we go through life.

And yet I am so busy, sitting and doing nothing seems like worst and dumbest idea.  I have often felt that it is self-indulgent, a cover up for laziness.

The paradox is this:  In choosing to do nothing.  To sew to our spirit communing to God, while we ignore "common plains" gives us the perspective, the strength, and the JOY, to then stand, streatch, breathe, pull up our sleeves and with a smile on our face to go out and Work.


Being raised in a Christian home, prayer and reading of Scripture has of course been a main tenant of my beliefs.  I have always felt a spiritual urging and connection to God.

However, these last few years, and this last year in particular, has revealed to me the enrichment and benefit that comes when we CREATE in solitude.  This is another discipline that seems to me to be self-indulgent and a huge waste of time.

Once again just the opposite is true.

I just received a copy of the book/project book Artistic Mothers.

I have been lusting after it for a some time now but the hefty price tag kept me from purchasing.

I should have bought it a long time ago.

This work by Shona Cole, put in clear writing, what I have been feeling, but could not quite express , for some time now. 

Its message:

Creating mothers that take time for themselves to pursue some art-form are happier and better mothers and wives.

I could not agree more.

Enjoy some quiet "Me"time, and then rise and serve and think of others, with a lighter heart this week.





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