Simple, Pretty, Clean, New: January



Its a picture of a snow flake, covered in snow: Redundant, but pretty, don't you think?

DSC03245My Lilac Bush, Who Knew it could be Pretty in January too?










Hubby was not in love with the idea of having a pink fence in the backyard.  I think his comment was something along the lines of:   

  "Yeah like there's not enough freakin' pink stuff inside, lets get     more pink outside".

Luckily, and wisely, he lets me have free reign on any and all decorating endeavours…he just shakes his head and escapes into his garage…his equivalent to a "man cave".  But doesn't the crackled  pink and fluffy white look oh-so-pretty-and- sweet?


"Snowflakes that land on my nose and eyelashes….these are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS" ~Maria from Sound of Music                


                     You have no idea how cold and painfully numb my poor fingers got trying to get a shot of a snowflake on my 4-year old's tongue…no luck, but it is still cute, the picture of light-hearted kid fun!



My 4-year-old in now obsessed with "takin pitures" with Mama's cell phone camera.  She was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to come with me to take some pretty pictures of the snow.  It was just pouring from the sky in swirling fat flakes.  Within a few minutes the ugly, cold, brown earth was transformed into a soft, clean world of white. 

I don't like the cold; but I love snow 

It even transforms the way the world sounds.  Unfortunately, we live on a pretty busy street.  Lots of traffic.  But when that virgin cloak of fluffy padding falls, (before the snow trucks dispatch) it is amazing… the constant traffic drone disappears.   All is quiet except for that slight fuzzy "ping" of snow making contact with our little slice of earth.



There's Me!

With me favorite hand-knit hat (bought at yard sale), my favorite vintage pin, next to my pink fence, and our up-all-year deck lights twinkling in the backround. {Pretty Things Make Me Happy}


Enjoy all that this Season offers:

Fresh Renewal and Frozen Dormant;

Cold Earth and Warm Hearth;

Long evenings to fill with busy creating hands;

Pre-dawn mornings blanketed in quiet to Recharge and Reflect;

  Every season has its benifits and beauty.

I know myself though, come March all my positive simplistic ideals will be replaced with:

"I hate living in freakin' New York"!

Till then,








2 thoughts on “Simple, Pretty, Clean, New: January

  1. Love the snow pictures! We have just a small dusting here in north central Ohio (about 60 miles due east of us is a different store; the snowbelt has about two feet!). Wish we had enough to build a snow man:) Your pink fence is perfect – let the hubby hang out in his garage. Have a wonderful week.


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