The Musician’s Wife



   I do a lot of blabbing about a lot of things.

I have never bragged on my husband though.

Tim and I both love free things, but he is the one who has the talent and knack, the charmed luck to always be in the right place at the right time to score some major cool things; and get it for nothing.

Part of it lies in the fact that everyone likes Tim.

Here is his latest treasure.

He works at a public school, and the music teacher foolishly thought no one would want this baby!

So what if two out of four strings are missing, and it had to be wood glued for two nights.  Completley broken neck:  "small set back, easily repaired".

We still need to order those two strings and it needs to be taken in to a professional "bass-ist?".

But she plays, so beautiful.

Its nearly 60 years old, and has educated many impressionable minds, and now it is in our living room; glad, I am sure, to out of a dark dusty high-school storage closet, to be enjoyed once more.  He has never played a bass a day in his life, but now he has every reason to learn.

My hubby's cool.




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