Holidays over equals: I have time to read again



On Christmas late afternoon I drew myself a hot batch and  upstairs with my Christmas stocking candy and a new book.  I do this every year.  I think every woman should.  This year I had Franice River's Her Mother's Hope.  I enjoyed and consumed this novel as much as my hoard of dark chocolate I found in my stocking.  I borrowed this book well before Thanksgiving but of course with the Holidays have not had the luxury to sit and read.  This was a fantastic book.  It ended with a real cliff-hanger ending, that concludes with the books sequal, Her Mother's Dreams.

I have a "listmania" page on Amazon.  The link address is to the right under  the categories.  I could not figure out how to paste a direct link.  If you want to see my own right up on this book you can paste it yourself and go directly to my Leah says read page on Amazon.(don't wanna write it twice).

I will say that this is the first"Christian Chick Lit" that I have liked.   Not too cupcake-y, good writing, and believable not perfect characters.  Its a saga about a mother and her daughter.  I reminds me of a more female version on John Steinbeck's East of Eden (one of my all time favorites).

This January 1st also marks me making it through my devotional Streams in the Desert, written by L.B. Cowmen.  This little book has brought a lot of comfort, and clarity, and instruction to me.  I did not start this at the beginning of last year, and will continue to make this part of my daily reading.  I was never a"devotional type".  Kinda thought most were over stated and trite. 

I ordered and started to read A.B. Simpson's A Larger Christian Life because my Streams devotional quoted him so much and always got a lot out of what he wrote. 

Again the holidays shut down all reading habits, but I am back to reading this also.  It is definitely a little bit of a dryer read, but says a lot about what true Christianity looks like. A good "chapter before bed" book.

Books are such an important part of my life.  A real break away from all that is tedious and mundane.  I try to reach all types.  If anyone has read anything noteworthy, pass it along.  I plan on spending a lot of time in front of our wood burning this month stove reading away the winter.


One thought on “Holidays over equals: I have time to read again

  1. Ahhh to sit in read in quiet… Sounds sooo nice. I love reading anything by Jimmy Carter, yes you read that right:) His book “Living Faith” is amazing. It’s his account of how he lives what he preaches. There are 52 chapters, one for every week of the year. I love everything he has written and I am not a big non-fiction reader. Also – I think you should try embroidery, it’s not hard, and you could use it with the old family pictures you want to make into wall hangings…


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