Itchin for some Stitchin



Me and "the big girls" (my 9 and 7 year old) did some more quilting together today.  I promised that we would sometime over this Christmas break.  We started on a "sister quilt" Columbus DayThe girls picked out the fabric, Mama made up an easy pattern, and did all the cutting. Together we are piecing and quilting it.

We went to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin for the initial stitchin day (see"columbus wilderness stitchin" blog post if interested).  But as I told my mother-in-law:       

    "packing all the sewing stuff up, unpacking it at the cabin to turn around and pack it all up again and throw it into my sewing room to organize latter, makes me want to take a nap"

So Hubby was off for the 1/2 day earning some much-needed-post-Christmas-cash-ola doing a break job (thank The Lord for handy husbands, I am already priming my girls to forget dating the popular jocks, they typically make lousy husbands, go for the tech, workshop nerds).

My two little girls were at Grammas. 

It was different just having my big girls. The little ones I am used to being home all day, cuz they are not in school yet.  As always we did a lot of talking.  The girls always bring up the most bizarre and wide ranging subjects.  Today's topic of choice was "what IS UP with your underwear that does goes up your butt cheeks (aka my thong) and "When Jesus comes back will everyone believe in Him them?"

Sex and Religion…the two topics most people would prefer getting a root canal rather than talking about.

So while trying to teach how to sew a straight stitch and the importance of pinning your fabric together I had to pleasure of explaining that it is OK for married woman to wear "pretty things" for her husband, and the theological explanation for mans free will.

All confirming that time and communicating is the best gift we give our children.

Enjoy the pictures, and hide your underwear from your children!

DSC03151 DSC03152         There is just something so satisfying about putting your hands on some pretty fabric







Even ironing can be a soothing chore if you have something pretty to look at





This cupcake pincushion looks deliciously vintage but was bought new at TJMaxx, it was supposed to be a                     Christmas ornament




We all have the same stubby toes


My friend  Cassie from: is really into embroidery and makes beautiful things with her skill.  I am thinking about taking a stab at it with this block that will be in the center of the quilt.  I'll just attempt my girl's names and maybe a flower.

Another January project.


Happy New Year to All!



One thought on “Itchin for some Stitchin

  1. Something about stitchin’ that brings out the conversation, the laughs, the tears, the sharing — we know that from retreat, don’t we! I thought of you all day – hoping it was absolutely fun and wonderful. The girls are so blessed to have such a good mama! Again….. it’s the memories that’ll last forever!


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