One By One

One by One

One by one the sands are flowing;          DSC02889           

One by one the moments fall

Some are coming, some are going

Do not strive to grasp them all


One by one thy duties wait thee

Let thy whole strength go to each

Let no future dreams elate thee

Learn thou first what these can teach


One by one (bright gifts from Heaven)

Joys are sent thee here below

Take them readily when given,

Ready too to let them go


One by one they griefs shall meet thee

Do not fear an armed band;

One will fade as others greet thee;

Shadows passing through the land.


Do not look at lifes long sorrow

See how small each moments pain

God will help thee for tomorrow

So each day begin again


Each hour that fleets so slowly

Has it task to do or bear

Luminous the crown and holy

When each gem is set with care


Do not linger with regretting,

Or for passing hours despond

Nor, the daily toil forgetting

Look too eagerly beyond




 Hours are golden links, God's token 

 Reaching Heaven but one by one                                                                                      Take them least the chain be broken, 

Ere the pilgrimage be done

~Adelaide Proctor    










I love this poem because of the great truth the poet conveys in the lines of this poem.  I read this poem a few days before Christmas (I bought a book of her complete works for my Mother-in-law and flipped through it before wrapping it up) and of the handful I was able to read, this one struck me the most. 

When Christmas Eve came, and my girls were just electric with excitement the words "Joys are given thee from Heaven, take them when given" played in my mind.

Here are the mental  snapshots of my Christmas this year, that I want to take forever into my memory to enjoy and "try too, to let them go", I know it does not last forever:

~My 9-year-old elatedly getting cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. (I think this may be the last year…her inquires are getting pretty hard to dodge, like flipping over her present from Santa and asking "Hey why does this say made in china?")

~Spying on my 4-year-old kneeling on her bed, pulling back her curtain, silently looking up at the night sky Christmas Eve night.

~My 7 year-old wishing Santa "good luck reaching everyones house this year" and adding for good measure "I want my gift to be real, real good" in her letter they always leave for Santa.

~Dancing with my 2-year-old to "Its Christmas time in New Orleans" by Louie Armstrong.

~Candle-lit seafood dinner with Hubby lateChristmas Night, a long standing tradition.


                                         I have it so good I sometimes worry

                                        that we are "due" for something bad.

I hope everyone else has their own mental snap shots to smile over and forever remember.


One thought on “One By One

  1. You are so wise to see your blessings. Others are blessed, too, but don’t always have the eyes to see. I know you treasure each moment in your heart — and you will forever. Believe me — I KNOW this. I live on the treasures in my heart.
    And on to a Happy and blessed New Year!


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