What Makes Christmas Fun

DSC02992 I read a great article in my fav. magazine Somerset Life quite awhile ago that had a great article about giving the gift of Color; and putting it all into an Art Kit. (Somerset Life Winter 2008).

I always loved the idea and just last week gave my very talented and oh so crafty Mother-in-Law a "GOT BLUE?" art kit. 

I filled it with lots of vintage sewing goodies, vintage fabric, an old blue check apron, some little blue bric n brac, an old cut glass blue jar, and some pretty sheets of speciality paper, all in a wash of blue hues, nestled in an old wine crate lined with an old blue curtain valance. 

It was so fun shopping at my fav. fabric shop Corning Stitch Works, that is filled with as much vintage sewing notions and funky shabby furniture as it has beautiful fabric. 

    It was such a nice break from on-line shopping, though I Thank The Lord for Amazon, don't know how I would get Christmas shopping done without the modern marvel of on-line shopping.

    Even stores that I have had a long-standing love affair with, like Barnes and Noble and TJMaxx, have been so over-whelming the last couple times I have stopped in.  So much stuff…I am getting old!…can't process all the stuff and bright lights and lots of people in stores…get that "sensory over-load" feeling.

    But poking around at a little vintage store, and later at an antique store, chatting with the one old guy behind a dusty counter is such a  lovely difference.

I try to shop local and non-bar code merchandise as much as possible.

Its like making a home-made Italian dinner compared to ordering from Pizza Hut.

Anyway here are my shots.

Hope you enjoy!

  DSC02986 DSC02987 Pic on the left is the whole color kit. And the one the right is vintage fabric wrapped in vintage ric and rac.



DSC02988 I Love This Card…wavered for a moment not to buy it for myself but it looked too perfect to not tuck it into the kit












A Bit of Blue of Whimsy!







All Wrapped Up!

4 thoughts on “What Makes Christmas Fun

  1. Leah – Thanks for thinking of me. Love the Blog…so fun. The art kit turned out really cute. Enjoy Christmas..Hope to see you soon – Maureen


  2. Lucky, lucky me — the recipient of the Blue Treasure Box! I love it, love it! It’s the gift of inspiration, the gift of possibilities!! Already in my mind I’ve made/created several blue projects – the enjoying begins! Thanks so much, Leah (and Tim) for giving me so much pleasure through your thoughtfulness. Makes me smile, makes me happy just savoring it all!


  3. What a fabulous idea!! My sister wanted a latch hook rug kit for Christmas (yes the kind that were big in the seventies). I got one for her but I’m going to take it a step further and use your idea:) I think I will use the color purple – since the rug kit is a purble butterfly for her daughter’s room. You have such great ideas!.


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