Christmas Nesting



    I love quotes, and puting them on signs.

At this time of the year, pretty lines from literature and well known sayings are all over the place.  Several have been going through my mind.  

But the usual thoughts of "don't want to spend the money on a decoration that will be on my wall for a couple weeks" and not having the time to make a brand-new sign preventing me from doing anything.

This morning I woke up in a mood:

My decorations looked terrible.

It looked wonderful those first couple days. And I really enjoyed them like I do every year.  But, my little ones really like to "look" at all my decos. though, which means that they get mauled and look hideous.

After re-staightening my "loved up" displays.  I did some little alterations here and there.  Cut out some pretty old-fashioned Christmas paper to stick on an old painted star.

Not running around doing stuff, but just taking the time to "nest" made me fell so much better, like it always does.  If my home is clutterly and out of order, if my "pretty stuff" is looking not so pretty, I get in a bad mood' feel unsettled in my own home.  Some would call that suffering from a type of OCD I know.

oh well

All my "nesting"  got me inspired to make-over one of my   country signs I had taken done.

It was cheap, easy, and fun.

Best of all I ended up with something pretty, original, and made by my own hands in one morning.

The following is a step-by-step of how I did it:




Here is the original sign.











DSC02922 I meaured out 2 pieces of Christmas fabric and simply tacked it up with thumb tacks to cover the words.

I put the little stocking in the middle to set it off.








DSC02926 This is one of  my favorite little tricks:

Cover up the ugly brass thumb tacks with hot glued old buttons.

Works great!









DSC02928 Another favorite of mine:

Chip board letters: Organized in an old rusty cupcake pan, I spray painted blue.

I love mixed matched letters.  I kept the gold sparkle-y

letters, and spray painted or inked up the other letters. I decided to spell out "The Stockings Were Hung". I then glued those letter to the two pieces of fabric.

Here is the finished product.

I think I am going to go over the few letters that are dark red in white, so it reads easier.

But am really happy with it.



DSC02931 Our Big

Ole' family!











The good thing about this, is that when Christmas is over, all I have to do is take out the tacks, carefully roll up the fabric and presto! back to the first sign. I'll store  my fabric pieces  away with all my other decos, waiting to adorn my house in December 2011.

This would make a great present I was thinking, but I am  definately keeping this one for us!

Hope you enjoyed!

Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Nesting

  1. That is BEAUTIFUL !!! You are so clever, and creative!! I love how you make things from “nothing”! That is really a great idea! Well done!


  2. LOVE your sign! I know what you mean about little hands getting into all of the pretty things. Right now my house looks kind of like a tornado came through all of the Christmas decorations. We have no plans for tomorrow- so hopefully I can re-pretty things then:) Have a wonderful week.


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