No Time To Blog; But That Is Not Always A Bad Thing



Its been busy, busy, busy.

I start my well-laid Christmas plan-of-attacks, schedules, and lists earlier and earlier every year. I was full of condifant stategies and Holiday cheer this November 1st.  Even published a check list on my blog.

But you know what they say about "Best Laid Plans" though.

I woke up yesterday morning with an immediate tight tingle of panic-y anxiety.

"Two weeks till Christmas and so much more to do"  pulsed through my brain.

I did what I always do when overwhelmed with whirlwind of "to-dos":

Creepe out of bed before the rest of the family, made myself a cup of strong coffee, settled into my studio and organized my thoughts and flying "don't forgets" on some pretty paper.

Only list lovers like myself understand the sublime calm that comes from making a list, and a projected a plan of attack from that list.

Then the family woke up, I had a Sunday School Lesson to plan and literally did not stop doing till after midnight that day. 

(Last night was decorate -the- Christmas- tree night.  Started after 9pm and not done till 11pm!)

That was a record.

Of course I was vacuuming till midnight.

My mother always does somthing special with her four girls every Christmas, and now with have another sister in the happy mix with my brothers wife Pam.
This year instead of going out to eat and going shopping with some mad Christmas cash from Mama, Mom made a nice sit-down late lunch for us five girls. Afterwards she gave us a pretty blank photo album.  She then proceeded to present box after box,and bin after bin, of about seven decades worth of family pics for us girls to go through.

It was so fun!

Mom has been talking about it for years.

I came across some many old pics of my grandparents from the 40 and 50s I have never seen.

They passed away when I was young, and my girls and husband have never even seen pics before.

There were cool old polaroid shots of my great-grandfathers gardens.

The usual family shots of crazy Christmas morning from my childhood.

The usual exclaiming of "Look how much you look like…."

    Sitting around the old kitchen table in the home I spent the first 20 years of my life at, with my family all around, looking at old photographs (with no kids or husbands; I love 'em but they do not know how to leave me alone) was a healing balm I so desperately needed when I felt myself coming unglued.

It goes to show: "The Best Things In Life Are Not Things".

Now I have a mountain of photographs to organize.

That will be my winter project.

Hmmm….I feel another list coming on.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

DSC02896  DSC02897 My Very SimpleOutside Christmas Decorations.

Not up til this weekend, but better late than never.



One thought on “No Time To Blog; But That Is Not Always A Bad Thing

  1. That is such a wonderful thing your mom did for you girls! Something you’ll always remember. I love family history (you know that), and old family photos. It gives such a sense of “who you are”.


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