A Bit of Shakespeare to kick off this Christmas Year


Some Say…


Some say the ever 'gainst that season comes

Wherein our Savior's birth is celebrated,

The birds of dawning singeth all night long:

And then, they say, no spirit dare stir abroad,

The nights are wholesome, then no planets strike,

No fairy takes nor witch hath power to charm,

So hallowed and gracious is the time

                                ~Hamlet Act I Scene I



Like all Shakespeare, you may have to read this a couple time (I did about 4x) to get the gist.

My humble stab at interpretation:

There is something Holy and set apart about the Christmas season…(even though our society refuses to call it even call it "Christmas" any more…a "Holiday Tree….really, really?)

Make the choice to redeem the Season.

What ever hand fate has dealt you, what ever evil or struggle you are presently battling, choose to make your own peace with it this Christmas Season. 

The "hallow'd" and "gracious" ness of this year that Shakespeare speaks of can be found in thinking of others.  And choosing to redeem the season with positive actions and thoughts  to make Christmas a happy time, not stressful and over-burdened.

The Book of Philippians says:

"whatsoever things are True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, and of a Good Report, to think on these things".  Chapter 4 verse 8

This is timeless advice everyone should practice every day.  I have been trying to do so with Christmas this year.

Honestly speaking, we usually have about half the kid's  Christmas stuff purchased by now.

We have none.  We simply do not have the money.

I worked so hard making all my stuff to put into the store, in large part, as a hopeful stab at getting some extra cash, but experience has taught me not to hold my breathe.  Hubby may have an extra car job lined up that would pay well, but once again we are not holding our breathe.

We are sticking to the 3 gift rule, our kids were a little disappointed, but understood.  Again, that is not the point of Christmas.  We choose not be buy a lot of toys during the year, to make Christmas and birthdays special.

If  Visa has to pay for Christmas this year…then so be it. We will stick to our budget, and thank God for a big ole tax return come February.  We will pay it off then.

All other gifts we are making.  Even Hubby is getting in on the handmade action with his own home-made wine recipe he has perfected, complete with cool personalized labels. (That will show up in a blog shortly).

I am not going to let tight finances be my "taking fairy" or " witch"  and bring down me down "this gracious and hallowed time".


One thought on “A Bit of Shakespeare to kick off this Christmas Year

  1. The store gifts are noted for disappointing anyway. But the gift lovingly prepared is a treasure forever. You’re wise to teach your girls that in this materialistic society. That’s a gift they will carry in their hearts forever.


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