My Christmas Creations and Stuff For You

   DSC02638 DSC02643


  These last few weeks I have waking up early, going to bed late, neglecting laundry, floors, and bathrooms, and every member of my family in general,  all to cram in as much time as I can working in my sewing room, which I now call "my studio"…cuz honestly doesn't that sound so much cooler?

I  have been making Christmas decorations, supplies for  makeing your own decor, and small creative stocking stuffers. My original plan was to work ALL YEAR LONG and have a butt load of cool Fall and Christmas hand-made stuff to put on an Etsy shop next year.  

But then lo, and behold, my artsy sister-in-law got her own shop on Market Street in Corning, NY.  We in her family are all so proud of her.  She has a lot of talent in making one of a kind, beautiful jewelery. It has been a dream of hers for a long time, and despite many set backs, she has not given up.

Her place, Soulshine Studios, is a place that of course, sells her jewelry, and for ladies to take beading classes, and a place to hang and create whatever you want, eat,  and talk, with other like-minded-souls…really cool.

And I, being the shy little thing that I am, asked Ann if she would put my Christmas stuff in during the Christmas season.  Nothing like imposing on family, for your own financial gain, to put you into the Holiday spirit.

I really love making these pretty little creations.  I can not imagine my life with some kind of creative outlet.  If I make a little bit of Christmas cash, all the better, but I really find the process very therapeutic and a redeeming part of my day.  I am ALWAYS home.  Housewives, of yesteryear, always had something they were making with their hands.  Usually pretty, and practical.  I wish I could  supernaturally talk to my great grammas, and great-great grammas.  I bet they stitched and created out of necessity, and pleasure too.

Take a look at these pics

Below is my advent calendar: Keeping Christmas

It has a quilted back, lots of vintage buttons, 25 individual pockets made of out spray-painted old brown paper wine bags; big enough to put little treasures or chocolate in. I used antique Christmas hymn sheet music to set each piece of fabric off. I love stamping images on fabric. Very addictive and pretty.                                                                   


  DSC02634 DSC02636

DSC02641 The following are my Christmas table mats, the "Noel" mat has tabs in back so it can be hung.


DSC02642 DSC02646









DSC02644 These pieces are quilted and have wool applique and some minor beading and metal lettering

















These coffee sleeves below, I made from the cardboard sleeves that I saved from my many, many stops at starbucks and Barnes and Noble.  They are decorated with old sweaters and dyed, and attached.

Part of my "Stocking Stuffers"Line. $3

I have more stuff that will be a the shop, but loading these pics takes me almost as bloody long as making them in the first place.



OK here it is:


If anyone likes what they see, stop by at soulshine studios, located at the lower end of Market street, near BK, on the opposite side.  It is located above The Bead Shop.  Ann has really pretty jewelry, all styles, that would make really good Christmas gifts or indulgences for yourself.

Anyone who leaves a comment on this blog gets a 25% coupon waiting for them at Soulshine Studios.  Any one who finds someone else, OUTSIDE our family to look at THIS blog site,and then leave me a comment, gets there name put into a WEEKLY drawing for a FREE CHRISTMAS MAT!! (starting this Sunday, and every Sunday till the 19th).

Merry Christmas, and thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “My Christmas Creations and Stuff For You

  1. YOU have absolutely gorgeous creations!!! I have a friend who lives in Corning too:) She is originally from Buffalo (where my mom’s family is), moved to Ohio when she was a teeanager. The and her husband work for Corning the company and moved there about five years ago. They love it – now I’m going to have to call her and tell her to stop into your sister’s shop – small world! Best of luck selling your creations – I think you will do well. Have a Blessed week.


  2. She’s at it again! Leah, as always I am loving the beautiful creations you are making. I’m devilishy envious of your innate gift 😉 Keep the projects coming. I love looking at your work. God bless you. Miss you ridiculously.


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