Ok, I just spent much more time than I would ever like to admit, on creating a link  from this blog to my listmania page on Amazon.
Tried the whole "widget" thing…all I can say is that there is a reason  why it rhymes with "idget" (the British version for idiot).  Cuz hubby has a degree in computers, has a butt-load of certifications relating to really techie stuff…and could not get it up and running, not a great system they have.
Anyway, no more complaining or negativity.

Take a gander at my: Leah Says Read: on the side and you will see listed my "awesome listmania" listing.  Just paste the link I typed out ( that's right; could not figure out how to do a real link either, what can I say technology is not my bag babe) and then paste it up at your URL and wham- bam-thank you -mam, you go right to my Amazon listmania page.
    I will be adding favs regularly, cuz I have read alot of good books.
I would like to eventually expand my listmania category to include my favorite books for children:     Making my girls into avid readers is a huge driving aim in my life.

 Books have been such an important part of my life ever since the summer of 1989; which was spent, probably for the most part, reading my first "real" book:

The Secret Garden…  I can still recall that amazement and wonder I felt when Mary discoved Colin.  Ever since then, books have played an important molding factor in my life.  Good fiction, and inspirational true stories,peppered with an understanding of the infallible truth  of Scripture, make us expand, and think, and challenge what we thought we already knew.
I never want to stop. DSC02337

There it is:

My original old copy of The Secret Garden.  Inside the title page it acutually has "Becky Carpenter" written on it, that would be my wonderful Aunt, "thanks Beck!"

Behind that is my tower of book favs…see any YOU have read, or always wanted to?

Have simply grateful and happy day,

Our cup overfloweth,



2 thoughts on “

  1. My old Secret Garden book! I wondered what happened to that, figured my mom threw it out in one of her fits of cleaning. I’m glad you got so much joy from it. I remember thinking the cover of that book was so beautiful! I surrounded everything I wrote or drew with a flowering vine for ages after reading that. It had a companion book you know…The Little Princess. Do you have that, too?


  2. Yeah, I don’t know how I came to get Secret Garden…I am sure your mom was doing a “mom cleaning”, I remember she was forever trying to give my mom stuff. Let me know if you want it back. It does belong to you. Or maybe I will give it back when you get your first granddaughter! We do have The Little Princess, just a Barnes and Noble version, not an old copy. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they read Ann of Green Gables in Belle’s 3rd grade class. That is another favorite.
    If you have any friends who have school aged daughters that are looking for good books the book The Penderwicks by Jeananne Birdsall is just wonderful. We loved reading together; reminds me of a type of modern re-telling of Little Women.
    I would love to put up your mother’s poem China Doll and Rag Doll.
    Could you email it to me.
    Thanks for commenting…it makes my day


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