Christopher Columbus Wilderness Stitching



There was no school on Monday, as anyone with school-aged children knows.

And lucky for me I have a husband who also works for the school, so he was home too.

When you are a family of six, and four of those six are under the age of 9,  all of us going out and doing all those great family things tends to be pretty stressful and  expensive; in other words not worth it.

But, staying home and doing nothing but crossing off items on that perpetual house to-do list is, however, no way to live ones life, weekend after weekend.

We have come up with a "split-up" tactic when it comes to doing fun activities and making the effort to spend good one-on-one time with our girls.  This Columbus Day, with all of us home, after a kinda stressful over-work weekend I may add, Tim stayed home with the "little ones" and I went off with "the big girls".  Timmy had a great time chillin with his little babes, and me and the girls spent a day in a cabin in the woods doing our first quilt together.

My Aunt and Uncle own this beautiful  little cabin, less than a mile from our home, and quite wonderfully let family and friends use it for our own rest-inducing disposal.   As parents of big families know, their is a natural tendency to group your children together according to their age.  Thus, many families have what they call "mini" and "double" families within their own tribe of offspring.  My two big girls are in many ways like one family system.  The two little ones,  another.  This is true despite their pretty close ages: 8,6,4,22months.  

I feel like with my two big girls in school all day, home to do homework(nag nag by mom) do chores (nag nag by mom) watch the baby while I make dinner (nag nag by mom) get ready for bed (nag nag by mom) I don't get that down silly time like I do with my little ones.   What my big girls want most of all it to: Talk, Talk, Talk.

Though I almost always make sure I read,  just to the big girls, a chapter book each night.   This is where having a husband who is home and available is such a blessing.  He does bed time with the little ones.

Try as I might, some nights there is so much COMMOTION going on that is not possible.  That little voice of guilt wasn't lettin my forget it either.

That is why this little plan, to snatch my girls and sewing machine to the woods, hatched in my brain a few weeks ago.

We had lots of silly down time                                             DSC02252

Lots of Talk, Talk, Talk

Had a picnic in the woods

And even put 7  quilt blocks together                            



They decided to name it "the sister quilt" and when finished will be their snuggle movie blanket.

Having lots of daughters is an overwhelming task, even on a good day.

Our house has a lot of yelling, a lot of hormones, and a lot of frazzled moments, DSC02250 I admit it.

Noticing when something in your own  little nucleus is amiss, DOING SOMETHING about it, and HAVING  FUN while you are mending those bridges, is what our weekend was all about.





4 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus Wilderness Stitching

  1. Now I will add on from the viewpoint of the eight year old who took the phone to her bedroom because, bless her heart, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. I heard it all talk,talk,talk. the fabric is BEAUTIFUL! It was so much FUN! We sewed a REAL QUILT! And know what? we had a PICNIC! with a blanket we spread out, and etc.etc. And, she said, I just keep on thanking mom ’cause it was so much FUN! talk,talk,talk She said also that she took along a book to read in case it got boring but, the only time she read just a little was when it was sister’s turn to stitch. I wasn’t bored one bit!, she said. And then there was the walk in the woods, and the creek, and etc.
    I was hearing memories, memories, memories! You’re a wise and wonderful mommy!


  2. ha nice butt crack love it I love your bloge it is amazing so how is lydia do you still take pics of it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I love you


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