Solid Gold or Gold Platted? Excerpt from my morning devotional

For the last several months that still small voice has been nudging me with the simple truth of what true Christianity is:  Its the over-flow of kindness, self-less love, gentleness, and kindness to those who are around you. That overflow has to come from Jesus Christ, not a desire "to be better, good, or religious".

How do others look at me?

What kind of person am I?

Does the fact that I am one of those "Jesus people" mean I simply:

Go to church, vote conservative, am a stay at home mom, and am a pro-lifer

Is that the only thing that identifies me? 

If you want to put a label on me, sure that's me.

But true Christianity should be and IS more than a social demography I can smugly check off.

What ever happened to the fruit of the Spirit?

Be strong and grounded in what you believe,yes.

I want to be known for who I am…may I be radically different….not for what I am against… but to be strangely out of place from the average person in how I conduct my own personal life and how I treat others.

Its not easy.  Its every moment of the day. 

Its most often a battle of the mind, attitude, and grim determination of self-control and self-less thinking.

Our biggest obstacles, the great evil we fight is almost always ourselves.

Ugh, not very "warm and fuzzy" is it?

My morning's devotional, Steams in the Desert by the great lady L.B. Cowman  really struck me.

I love the imagery.

He did not open his mouth.  Isaiah 53:7

Nothing tests our character as a Christian more than having something evil said about us.  This kind of grinding test is what exposes whether we are solid gold or simply gold-platted metal.  If we could only see the blessings that lie hidden in our trials.

Some Christians are easily turned away from the greatness of their life's calling by pursuing instead their own grievances and enemies.  They ultimately turn their lives into one petty whirlwind of warfare.

May God grant us more of the Spirit of Christ "who endured such opposition from men, so that YOU will not grow weary and lose heart" (Hebrews 12:3)                                                        ~A.B. Simpson 

I have never shared a musing from my own spiritual reflections.

Don't want to be one of those: Have-a-Bible-quote -for-everything-kind-of-ladies.

But I felt compelled and hey its my blog.


2 thoughts on “Solid Gold or Gold Platted? Excerpt from my morning devotional

  1. A beautifully written devotional, so meaningful and thought provoking. I’m glad you shared it – something to think about and apply! For everyone! Hug for you


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