My curtain catch

OK, everyone knows that curtains are the ultimate housewife/sewist basic project.

Curtains are what most of us started cutting our sewing teeth on.

Buy some pretty fabric that matches the living room sofa oh so prettily, cut to size, hem up 3 sides, and make a big loop on top for the pole to go through.  Easy, pretty, utilitarian, (our neighbors are very close), right?  The only problem is that, that oh so pretty fabric at my local quilt  shop is 9 bucks a yard.

You need like 6 yards for long full double curtains.

That's a lot of money.

And it may be easy, but for some reason a real pain to make, not to mention I am pretty much, despite my proficiency at various sewing endeavors, incapable of sewing a hem in a straight line.  Which means my curtains always hang just a little cock-eyed. 

I have just succumbed to fulfilling my curtain needs to the lovely home aisles of Target.

Fastforward to my daughter who "hates those plain boring brown curtains in my room Mom".

I don't want to make curtains with some cheap-o Joanne fabric calico stuff (fabric snob), can't afford the good stuff, and really can't afford the shabby chic line curtains at Target.

Then I got to thinking…those "plain boring brown curtains" are pretty, with a little embroidery floral design throughout, but are indeed, boring.

Why don't I just "sommerset" it up? 

BTW, that is my new word to describe making anything pretty and artsy,
DSC02229 using what I already have on hand.  Sommerset is my favorite magazine.  Can't even begin to read any other mag. now.  Which I guess means I am also a Magazine Snob too.

The following pics are the metamorphosis of some Plain Boring Brown curtains to GirlyChic  with a touch of Vintage.  And it didn't cost me a thing, and way more fun than stitching a quarter-mile length of crooked hems.

Pic above is an old curtain top I lopped off cuz I liked the tabs, sewed directly on the brown curtain,then sewed a wide strip of purposely-frayed fabric on top of that, and then hand stamped 2 butterfly stamps on that in gold and red, with the letter S.

DSC02232           The little pics are my vintage buttons I sewed on the tops and bottoms,                        and the circles I made using an old circle cardboard  as a template                               

      The big pics speak for themselves.




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