My favs in no particular order

You've Got Mail ( ok this is on top cuz its my favorite). Even hubby will watch it, and we quote it all the time"That caviar is a garnish!"

Sense and Sensibility

Pride and Prejudice

The Fugative


All (3) Indiana Jones

What Lies Beneath        (yes I have a Harrison Ford Thing)

Father of the Bride (with Elizabeth Taylor and the one with Steve Martin)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Shop Around the Corner (with Jimmy Stewart)

Its a Wonderful Life

"Ralphie"; Better Know as The Christmas Story


The Princess and the Frog\

Beauty and the Beast; Disney's animated


In Her Shoes

About a Boy

Seven Pounds

The Princess Bride

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Kate and Leopold


The Sound of Music

Micky Blue Eyes

Tommy Boy 

                Have I missed any real good ones?

                                    Bear in mind I was not born until 1980…a lot of the oldies but goodies I

                                    have never seen


2 thoughts on “My favs in no particular order

  1. I can’t believe someone else has seen “Shop Around the Corner”!!!! I love virtually all of the flicks you mentioned…we’re sisters at heart, Leah!


  2. Leah, have you seen ” A Time to Kill” or “ShawShank Redemption” both are great ! what about Serendipity ?? its a cute film..nothing deep 🙂


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