Oh How I Love Sommerset Magazines

I thought I gave up reading magazines for good.

Their glossy pages were filled with more ads telling me buy stuff than articles.

Their scant articles were then in turn usually about, you guessed it, stuff I should buy.  I realized that these magazines I would peruse through left me kinda depressed,  with more than a nagging pang of good ole fashioned covetousness. This was supposed to be part of my down time for me to ENJOY.

Then along came the glorious day I picked up a Sommerset Life magazine at my fav. drinking joint, Barnes and Noble. 

I was a bit put off by that hefty price tag of 15 bucks a magazine.

Its worth it.

Its like a delicious book, about creating, enjoying, sharing and living.

No advertisements.

No message to buy, buy, buy.

Even the quality of paper, and beautiful font,and of course photos, have found a second life in several of the collages I have in my house, and the houses of my friends.

And after I read it, the only  pang of covetousness I experience is wishing I had more time to do some of the beautiful creations in those pages, but that is nothing new.

15 bucks has never gone so far.


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