Finally got my pictures, now my blog is not lame

We have been to Cape May 5 times now.  This particular trip was so relaxing and wonderful.  Anyone who loves old Victorian architect, beautiful gardens, and anyplace with a beach that is not over-loaded with ugly touristy shops should head on down the Garden State Parkway till you hit exit 0 and check out Cape May, New Jersey.
The two pics on the left are of two new shops recently opened in Cape May.  If I had unlimited time and money I would open up my own shops such as these.  The first one, called  Cape May Garage, is part art gallery of local artist and crafters and part antique co-op.  Not only did I pick up some great vintage finds, but was really inspired by all the ideas and techniques that these women had created.  The antiques that I did purchase were almost all items that I will use as mediums to create with; I can no longer purchase stuff that will simply take up space in my all-ready stuff-filled house.  It has to be pretty and purposeful, not to mention under 10 bucks. I always want to purchase an art item that I am really drawn to, and so support an artist, but always end up saying in my head "shoot I could make that myself".The second pic is an all organic cafe called The Coffee Garden that had outside seating in an awesome shaded cottage garden; complete with whimsical garden bric n brac and artsy motifs, and my favorite: gravel pathways and old re-purposed architect pieces dappled throughout.  When I walked by I literally gasped in delight.   Oh, and the food was stellar too.   They too featured the work of local talented artist, and cool old junk.My awesome find of the day:  Old sheet music, a few nearly a century old, and one with a really sweet song that shared the same name as my youngest daughter.  For 65cents each!!  Still not sure why I didn't buy the whole bloody stack.  I love to use old sheet music in my paper art. 
The pics on the right I took while wandering alone on Friday morning.  I purposely took a round-about way to get to an antique store I always stop at.  The fact that I have the directional savvy-ness of a goldfish worked in my favor this time, as I went the wrong way and came upon a very relic and untouched part of Cape May.  The homes looked to be private homes, not converted B&Bs or apartments, and as such, they were very private, with saggy ancient hedgerows, overgrown bushes, and lined with stately trees that had the most unusual dappled coffee-colored bark.(Though these trees can be found all over CM). These were the best shots I got.  And smirking lady in the middle is me, blundering my way through the virgin post of manyslices. 

Copy of DSC02138
 I hope that the next time I get to post some pics it will be of some cool stuff I have made.

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