This is it:
My first blog.
On vacation at awesome victorian cape may, NJ. (only on vacation away from our 4 daughters and the demands of work and house would by tech-y husband be able to enable this very untech-y lady to launch this crazy thing called a blog).
I can't even upload all the great shots I have taken with my camera over the past two days cuz the lap top we brought doesn't let you put the little thingy in…bloody computers…never do what you want.
I can share that as I am posting this monumental (only to me of course) first blog a group of middle-aged kilt-wearing gentlemen are right outside my window, blasting away on a set of bagpipes playing "when the saints go marching in"
A pretty perfect way to start huh?
I have to share that if not for the wonderful souls responsible for publishing the "Sommerset" line of magazines, in particular Artful Blogging, and Sommerset Life, blogging to this lady would have remained a hazy, nerdy, internet thing, reserved for the over-opinionated and bored.
My blog bio line (or whatever you call it; still learning the lingo), sums me up pretty well.
I am so, so blessed
I am so, so at peace at where I am in my life right now
I am so, so sure I don't really deserve any of it
And I am so, so glad I took that plunge, went out of my comfort level, and started this blog.


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  1. hey leah well this is way better than fb, and ofcourse ur 2 cool for fb, always had to be different well ur blog made me cry twice so i guess u could say im a fan, except fot the kids butt crack on the steps, love it, love capemay wish i could live there its awesome….


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