“music” 2.21.17

a sports pub friday night

an arena sunday night

about 50 people

about 2000 people

after work crowd drinking

believers praising

there were those moments that bothered me at the bar even though I was there because my husband was singing and playing

and enjoyed myself

there were those moments that bothered me at the concert even though I was there as a believer at a Christian concert

and enjoyed myself

we live in a fallen world

filled with fallen people

we are all looking to feel something real

from pub revelry

to concert emotionalism

all were there to feel something

all were affected by the experience of the music

in a world gone numb

tunnel visioned by scrolling screens

tumbled vice in a  glass

the music still plays

and God still speaks




I can’t play a thing.

I can sing okay…when I have a stronger voice and a melody to fall behind.

But I married a muscial guy and we made musical kids.

I have come to appreciate the flowing power of music to make one feel and remember.

I am better for it.





02.13.17_snow day

the dog woke me, rudely, at 6am

only minutes before my alarm was programmed to wake me, rudely

neither dog nor alarm were a necessity turns out

he was just torturing the cat, again

we had another snow day from school, again

but who does not love a monday snow day?

even one that starts rude



outside with the white stuff



inside with the wii…

escaping in the music room


It has been about a five-month pause for me on “many slices”.

Lots of reasons; none I have any desire to explain.

I just know life gets lackluster and tedious without some sort of creativity.

Then there is social media; dangling just enough of a hunk of vanity to keep my public blog up.

In attempt to stay organized and purposeful I have always subscribed to the practice or perhaps better stated, the discipline, of keeping hard edges to my daily schedule.

I practice this in my spiritual life, marital life, parental life, my exercise, my nutrition, my job.  Why not with my creativity?  Since my “hard edge” of my work life is to not work on Mondays, it is a natural segue to snap photos,write a few lines, and post on Monday too.

We shall see how long it lasts.

Here is one of my favorite photo edits…






five_five minute friday post


Such a small number

The just enough number

The digit of fingers attached to our hands to hold and do

Five years of life is deemed the best age for tiny humans to pitter-patter off to school with backpacks wider than the width of their rib cage

Five Minute Friday was imagined and birthed and carried out by Lisa Jo Baker because she is among “those who have ears to hear”

Hear the importance of silence over the din of doing

Hear “be brave”

Hear “stop worrying about perfect”

Hear ” social media stats and likes and follows are chaff  blowing in the wind…here today gone tomorrow…unremembered”

Five Minute Friday is a lot of things but I say what stands out the most is that it is genuine.



Linking up today with Kate Motaung who took the Five Minute reins from Lisa Jo Baker a while ago.

I am so thankful I “so happened to stumble upon” this weird hard to explain thing called Five Minute Friday.  I confess, I always go over five minutes….I have not even posted in nearly three month due to our moving to the sticks and now have the world’s worst internet connection, and being in my own season of waiting silence.  Also, I don’t even do twitter or instagram!  Yet, I have stuck around.

 It keeps pulling me back because it is my online tribe: women who doggedly listen then write about life in between living life.

I am amazed at the broad spectrum of women who contribute. Their life experiences, ages, demographics.  It is another reason I stick around.

I was nerdily excited when I found out that one of my Five Minute Friday posts and photography was selected to be in Susan Shipe’s new book, coming out next week.  I am probably the least visible contributor not only because of the whole “our internet now sucks” thing but because I find the social media world much too loud.  I don’t do any of the things one is supposed to do to increase readership.  Well, I should clarify that: I have started doing all those things one is supposed to do to find your stand out twinkle in the vast black hole of the world wide web…for about a week.  Then I get in a very bad mood.  The cynicism  I constantly keep in my back pocket gets pasted on the front of my T-shirt. No one in my family likes me like that. I don’t like me like that.  For reasons I can’t quite articulate The Holy Spirit starts to get muffled in my inner man.  I begin to feel I am playing a part in someone else’s money-making-scheme, not being genuine. I begin to feel angry about things that are not worth getting angry about. I begin to feel bad about myself over things I should not feel bad about.

********************************************************                             So read this plug fast and stick it good to that swollen memory bank of yours because the chances are high I will not get around to plugging it again! ************************************************************



Go to katemotaung.com on September 26th to treat yourself to a copy!

Knowing Kate she will be doing lots of give a ways and fun stuff at her site that day.

Who knows the stars and my moods may just so align that I get in on the promotional action and give some copies away here at many slices too.


Here is to five!


PROTECT_five minute friday


When I think of protection I think of prayer

not because prayer is a superstitious good luck charm for a life of no pain

but a covering that simultaneously gives pin points of clarity

what humans are in most need of is protection from ourselves, or maybe better stated:

the human condition

being the 4th of July holiday there are always a plethora of platitudes about patriotism

yet, the founding  father’s, in their divine given wisdom, pinpointed the greatest threat to this newborn nation would come from within:

it  is where the novel idea of checks and balances was born into what we now call democracy.

praying will not guarantee to eradicate terrorism, cancer, or unemployment

prayer will slowly reveal the closer –than- you- realized –hand- of- God ; making us:



a  paradoxically thankful overcomer

in the worst thing that has even happened to you.

When I think of protection I think of prayer.



Linking up late in the day with the listening writing crowd over at Kate’s place for another  installment of Five Minute Friday.

Click on the link to read some more honest, brief, brave posts of the word: Protect

Or get brave and write your own.

I promise it won’t hurt.


Pregnant;  newborn; toddler; pre-schooler- PARENT


We got a puppy.

His name is Pad-Foot Canis in honor of the dog characters in Harry Potter and The Sister Grimm books.

A big deal for a family.

Yet, not such a big deal to write about here at my space.

And yet.

This being our first ever canine member of the family I found myself not knowing what to expect at all. This not knowing and acquiring a puppy had quite the domino effect on the equilibrium of our family that I think is worth sharing.

{I bet the farm someone has written What To Expect When You Are Expecting: Puppy Edition, by now.}

The following is the bizarre feeling of deja`vu I experienced the evening prior to getting the puppy and lasting till the second day with him.


Pregnant how?


*Me spending hours at Barnes and Noble browsing and comparing expert puppy advice books and taking detailed notes on the book I finally settled on, to make me feel more prepared and in control of something new.

*Me spending hours and hundreds of dollars at TJMaxx on cute yet chic stuff “we need” for the newest edition to our family.

*Me getting a late night whirlwind of energy of the psychopathic variety to “get everything organized”.

*Me nesting by re-arranging where the puppy pillow bed and accessories would go then spending an hour turning a simple dog leash hook into a mixed media craft complete with quotes from literature.

*Me being mean because I am stressed declaring “I’m the only freakin’ person getting ready!” to my family.

*Me feeling like this is a big mistake, convinced I am not cut out for this.

Total flashbacks of my pregnancy-persona.  


Newborn how?


*Pad-Foot crying and whimpering all night the first night.

*Me feeling guilty for not getting up because I am exhausted.

*Me getting out 12 seconds after I decide I am not going to get up.

*Tim sleeps through it all which pisses me off.

Total flashback of my newborn-in-the-house persona.


Toddler how?


*Pad-Foot examining, turning over, chewing, trying to ingest everything in his line of vision and grasp.

*Me saying “No!” 97 times an hour, but always, always hesitating the moment before wondering if this is a bad behavior or just mere young curiosity.

*Me hoping I am doing this right and not causing terrible habits or setting wrong precedents.

*Me too tired to worry about such things come after dinner.

*Us having way too many conversations about pee and poop.

Total flashback of my second-guessing-exhausted-toddler-training-brain.


Pre-schooler how?


*Pad-Foot following me around everywhere.

*Pad-Foot looking around frantically if he can’t see me.

*Pad-Foot’s presence making laundry a twice as long chore because of an intense fascination with baskets holding clothes.

*Me enjoying it despite.

Total Pre-schooler-not-letting-me-get-anything-done-persona.


This was such an unexpected experience. {Despite my efforts to be prepared reading the experts; just like with babies!}

It was five years of stages coming into sharp memory focus in the span of the first 48 hours with our puppy.

I can see why couples chose pets over children, man. I really can.

One gets the thrill of newness and sweet relationship and shopping binge of a baby coming, but without all that fussy eighteen years of development thing dragging your life to a halt.

Reflecting on this I noted another superior advantage to canine over human:

The likelihood of others judging you for the rest of your natural life if your dog does or does not do brag-worthy tricks, does well or not so well at obedience school, what he eats or does not eat, acts like at Target,- is very, very low.

The likelihood of all of these judgments on you from people who do not even know you or your child and all the subsequent life long guilt over it- is unavoidable.

However, I am still completely happy and without any regret with us having four daughters in seven years {which equates one quarter of century of child rearing} prior to being “parents” to a puppy.

I cringe thinking about how much worse of a mood, how much more our stress would of  flowed, run over, should we have simultaneously raised little humans and a dog.

I would like to write it was because I was just smart or lucky it did not work out that way or something to that effect and leave it at that.  But really it is not my smarts and there is no such thing as luck. It comes down to a single reality:


Summed up, I chose to seek God and know myself. In seeking God in every single aspect of our unceasing rotating door of life little pictures of what will bless what will not bless us started to take shape. Understanding and wisdom rose slowly, broke the surface in the waters of our swirling minds.  It is then that one gets real pragmatic about self.

Know thyself.

The pregnant/baby/toddler/pre-school years were really hard on me.  I did not take to it gracefully, thought it was always the desire of my heart, and I love having children.  Sin nature is keenly seen and felt. Sanctification must happen or sin becomes choke hold.

Pad-Foot could not be thrown into such dicey waters. It would of been bad for him and us.

Of course, the struggle over letting Christ nature wash and renew over sin nature never ceases, but the seasons change.

It seems this is our both working, raising older kids, homesteading, dog season. But I have the summer completely off; thus the puppy now {wisdom}.

Next on the list: chickens.


WANT_five minute friday

thirsty roots

that is what i see when i meditate on the word “want”

and John 7:

“Christ calling out in a loud voice: if anyone is thirsty let him drink and I will pour out rivers of life”

i’ve been spending my evenings and weekends planting instead of doing laundry and scrubbing the shower out, like I should; but i can’t help myself because it’s june in upstate new york and we just got ourselves a new sprawling, left to sleep for too many years, property

the most important thing about planting are the roots

they start to shrivel as soon as they are removed from the cocoon of soil they have been secretly thriving in since a seed

they need water, or course, but the gardener knows is what is in the soil that dictates how  the roots will sink and spread and unfurl. That will  make all the difference between “thriving” and just “not dead”

the very best soil?

it has nothing to do with the store bought product of miracle grow

it has everything to do with dead things not really being dead, thanks to the unseen world of micro organisms, giving off a bad smell as it gives life to that thirsty, thirsty root

our culture is amazing in the amount of comforts it produces for us to meet our every want

our culture is tragic in how very, very thirsty most men, women, and children are

the need is the same:

what was dead

now living again

giving life

in the secret places of our inner man

remember this:

the process is not



pleasant smelly

feel good:

letting Christ HEAL you, RESTORE you, SAVE you;

it always starts in the hard ugly parts we don’t want to go to

it is always offensive, maybe even sickening to us

but it is the only way

because He alone can make the dead alive and meet your unquenchable thirst

stop resisting the hard

the foul,

the need to look away

in your private life

He does not look away from you or think you foul

He will set you free from it

In exchange:

you will start to slowly unfurl

start being set free

start thriving like you were meant to do from the very beginning



Linking up the listening, writing, generous soul over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday. Go over to read more


get brave and write your own. I promise it won’t hurt.

{My Mac laptop is slowly dying on me all! So sorry for the no link, I barely was able to get this post out without crashing}.


my flowers in june

The month of June is summer showing off here in upstate New York. Our new home is wonderfully devoid of needing any inside work


completely uncultivated outside.

Three acres  left alone to sleep for several years now.

However, at one time someone took much care, planning, time, and money on the outside property.

We have been given the gift to be the recipient of their efforts; only having to coax it back to its glory. All that is demanded of us:

some sweat

proper big boy tools

an eye for hidden gems

and appreciation for the raw natural beauty that is here already.

Here is the outside of our home with only some old out buildings against blossoms and wild flowers as landscape:

Our pair of American Chestnut Trees:



 monstrously huge

and covered in blossoms the color of peppermint sticks

the blossoms leave

a path

of candy confetti

littered over half our shady side yard

instead of gardens

I have


And I must use this space to tell of my new favourite magazine find; stumbled upon at the lovely Barnes and Noble.

It is called DAPHNES DIARY.

It is a British publication  {thus the spelling of “favorite” with a U above}

It is so cottage-y and write-y and craft-y and home spun-y and arts-y

and best of all, it has these free paper do-it- yourself templates scattered among the pages, much little lovely little wildflowers sown in, in themselves.

Google it or go hunt it out at Barnes and Noble, I encourage you. I know it will make your summer more pleasant because it will make you slow down.

Here are some photos of the free paper flower templates we made from the Summer issue of Daphne’s Diary. We strung it with twine and pin-pushed it in the ceiling to hang in the girls’ tree house:


So, between chestnut blossoms, wild flowers in the grass and field, along wit diy paper crafts I still have some pretty flowers in this show off month of June.

old and young